Mitsubishi Period

After 12 years of Italian adventure we decided to try the Japannese technology and we begun the Mitsubishi Evo IX project.

The project begun with an Mitsubishi Evo IX bought from U.S.A and totally race build. Due to hard work we finished the last step of the project in the middle of 2009.

Although we did not started the championship from the beginning we obtained a 3rd place at the clasament at the end of the year.

In 2010 we made a few steps forward in developing the car: we modified engine, body, transmission and we won the title in Group H and 2nd place overall.

In 2011 we won again the title in Group H and 2nd overall (always developing the car)

In 2012 again Group H Champions and 2nd overall ofter the F3000 Lola

2013  was a very unfortunately year for us with many tehnical problems and logistical issues, we we finished on a modest 4th place